The Kulan Story

Kulan was founded with a mission to connect single Somalis around the world. Our platform was created by a team of Somalis with diverse backgrounds based in North America. Our intent is to provide a safe and secure way for Single Somalis to find friendship, love and companionship.

There is no product out there for Somalis.

If you're looking to connect with Somalis in the dating scene, you've probably noticed that Somali dating apps don't quite meet the mark. They lack quality and the features to make meaningful connections.

*shameless plug, insert Kulan*

This is exactly why we created Kulan.

Kulan was created to provide a platform that is tailored to the Somali community with features that allow you to find meaningful relationships

We strongly believe...

in creating a safe and secure and inclusive space for singleSomalis to find friendship, love and companionship. With Kulan you can be sure that you’re connecting with other Somalis who are looking for the same thing.

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